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Baze Plan Hangers

baze plan hanger8

Baze Plan Hangers


PF60 Plan Hangers Specification:

- The baze™ Plan Hanger Clamp System PF60
- Design Registration No. 2044310
- It is a versatile and high quality filling system suitable for drawing, blueprints, maps, newspapers
- This vertical filling method dramatically reduces storage and retrieval time
- PF601 - A1 Size 707mm Length
- PF600 - A0 Size 952mm Length



- Innovative Handle - modular, smooth and strong design
- Mould out of high quality plastic with fiber glass reinforcement


Tightening knob and stopper

- Stopper: An outstanding stopper to prevent the plan 
hanger slips out from plan hanger stand
- Tightened knob: Special design knob and easy to tighten


Index Holder

PDF Download images/drafting-and-filing-equipment/blaze%202.pdf