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Mobile Trolleys

The clamps will hang on the trolley which provide the convenience of being able to move the system within an office or to secure rooms overnight. The planhorse plan hanging clamps rest well balanced and securely on the mobile trolleys.


Saves 90% floor space.  

Drawings instantly accessible and easily filed.

Easy to use - simply grasp the clamp handle, tilt and withdraw from the system - no lifting, no fuss.

The strength inherent in the design and construction of the mobiles and their high quality castors, makes them easy to move even when fully laden.

Holds 1000 or 2000 sheets on 10 or 20 clamps.

Packaging - Supplied CKD in flat pack ready to assemble.

Made of powder coated tubular and flat steel.

Models Available

AO Mobile 1330mm High

Model 2000 Holds  20 clamps

A1 Mobile 1070mm High

Model 2000 Holds 20 clamps